Kemar EMC was established in 2011 to provide services in the field of electrical and electronics. It provides services worldwide as well as its organization is in Turkey. It is a strong company that continues to work on emc installation projects in the UK, USA, South America, Middle East, Asia and Europe. You can get information around the clock by communicating online and ensure your work safely as soon as possible. As the nearest address where you can get support, you can be sure that you will get the right service at the most affordable price from Kemar EMC experts.

Electronic & Mechanical Alinement

All electronic devices used in homes and workplaces affect one another in some way. The electromagnetic waves they emit can negatively affect another device located near it. Right here, EMC; the need for electronic adaptation arises. We are ready to provide support as the right and closest address for the installation of EMC rooms where you can do all your electrical and electronic tests. You can report your needs through communication channels and start working with us.


Kemar EMC continues its work by expanding its business network, maintaining its reputation in accordance with the purpose of the organization. It wants to be the most accurate resource in the field of developing its work beyond the borders of the country with the power it will receive from its customers. It shows the difference in the ability to use expert team and accurate, current equipment in their work. Kemar EMC works with the awareness that customer satisfaction is the most valuable acquisition. It continues on its way, clinging to a sense of confidence that it can give, rather than the confidence that it will gain.


As a company, it looks at its future with confidence by selecting its entire team from names specialized in the field of equipped, accumulated. It aims to move forward by raising, and most importantly, to the point where it can maintain its ascent. Technology is advancing without borders in the field of artificial intelligence and electronics. Reputable strives to project its creative thoughts into production by using technology and developments in a current way.








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